Clarendons Kitchens: The Pinnacle of Design and Elegance at Beechmont House

Nestled in the scenic heart of Marford, near the English-Welsh border, stands the iconic Beechmont House – a magnificent representation of Gothic Revival architecture. With its unmistakable historical allure, Beechmont House has captivated many, even earning features in esteemed platforms like Homestyle Magazine UK and being featured on BBC Wales’ Home of the Year in 2022. But within this architectural marvel is another treasure, meticulously crafted by the expertise of Clarendons Kitchens.

The kitchen of Beechmont House is more than just a culinary space; it’s a design masterpiece. Oliver, the visionary lead from Clarendons Kitchens, masterminded this transformation, merging traditional elegance with contemporary sophistication.

Bespoke Inframe Kitchen Cabinetry

Central to the kitchen’s design is the bespoke inframe cabinetry, expertly tailored to Beechmont House’s exact dimensions. Every inch of space is utilised without compromising on aesthetic charm, ensuring the kitchen is as functional as it is beautiful.

Shaker Style Doors with Cock Beaded Frames

The timeless Shaker style doors proudly feature in this kitchen. Complemented by Cock Beaded Frames, they introduce a nuanced sophistication, contrasting delightfully with the smooth, hand-painted surfaces of the cabinetry.

Hand Painted Kitchen – A Symphony of Calm

The tranquil colour palette echoes the serene ambiance of Beechmont. The cabinetry, rendered in a subtle light grey, pairs beautifully with the Wedgewood blue inspired island with quartz worktop, harmonising in a calming play of shades.

Polished Nickel Handles – Brilliance in Detail

Each component in the kitchen exudes thoughtful design, and the polished nickel handles are no different. Their radiant finish against the muted cabinetry offers a dash of luxury, seamlessly blending functionality with artistry.

Bespoke Antiqued Mirror Splashback

A defining feature of this space is the bespoke antiqued mirror splashback. Beyond its practical purpose of guarding walls from splatters, it augments the kitchen’s luminosity, reflecting both daylight and artificial light to cast an enchanting glow.

Porcelain Flooring – Grace at Every Step

Anchoring this exquisite design is the porcelain flooring. Renowned for its durability and aesthetic adaptability, the porcelain tiles strike a balance, echoing the overarching theme whilst assuring longevity.

The end result is a kitchen that isn’t merely a space for preparing meals, but a holistic sensory delight. As daylight streams in, it reflects off polished surfaces, accentuating meticulous craftsmanship and the skillful blend of textures, hues, and materials.

For Oliver and the Clarendons Kitchens team, the Beechmont House endeavour was beyond an assignment. It epitomised the fusion of history with the present, the transformation of a space into art, and above all, materialising the homeowner’s dream.

Today, Beechmont House stands as a testimony to Clarendons Kitchens’ unwavering dedication to excellence and their unmatched flair in crafting kitchens that narrate a tale. It’s not merely about culinary pursuits; it’s about living with panache.