The Showroom

We are an established family run business that specialises in handmade bespoke kitchens and Interiors.

The showroom is located near Chester in the village of Lavister & is conveniently placed for a customer base of Cheshire, Shropshire & North Wales. The showroom is set in an original Victorian shop & is adjoined by a stunning 250yr+ barn which is used as our design studio. The showroom is widely recognised as one of the most design lead & interesting in the country.

Artisan History

250 years of Cheshire based artisan history.

Over 250yrs ago the premises were originally built & established as a malt kiln. The water for the brewing process was extracted from the buildings own water spring which still exists to this day.

In the mid 1800’s the premises were occupied by a local family of interior decorators. The business prospered for over 120yrs, being passed down through several generations.

Our family purchased the premises in 1986 and like its previous occupants have carried on in the true artisan spirit, which was first established over 250yrs ago….